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  • Sign up with your friends or group
  • Choose objective actions to track
  • Select a point value for each action
  • Record actions you complete each day
  • Try to outscore a weekly opponent
Where contenders record their daily
actions in competition against each other.
Every day is a fight for the freedom of discipline.
Each week is a test of character.
Time to find out what you are made of.
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Competition transforms the building of discipline - normally a dull chore - into an exciting game. It motivates men and women to push their limits, unlocking their great desires and true potential.


No great battle is won alone. The social nature of The Arena ensures that each person is consistently reminded of who they are running with and what is at stake in the fight for discipline.


In today's world, few people take the time to reflect on their weaknesses, strengths, and habits. The Arena creates an environment where these critical practices happen automatically.


The Arena strengthens bonds between both new groups and old friends. Contenders must open their daily lives to each other and face challenges together, creating ties that are not soon forgotten.

Find the Freedom of Discipline

Join with your:

Youth Group

Stay connected with your teens throughout their daily lives - not just on Sundays! The Arena provides a challenge that can truly boost faith and personal lives, and it encourages deeper relationships as teens, ministers, and volunteers run side by side in pursuit of prayer, reflection, and character.

Let technology work for you, and reach your teens through the medium they know, love, and already can't put down – a mobile app on a smartphone!

Friend Group

A life of greatness can only stem from a foundation of inner integrity, of personal discipline. Young men and women have grand ambitions and big plans, and feel the call to this life. Yet it can be so difficult to persevere in small promises to yourself. You are not meant to fight alone.

Heroes come in clusters – invite your friends and start battling together for the freedom of personal discipline and the life you were created for.

Campus Ministry

The Arena is perfect for campus groups building connections between young adults of varying ages, majors, and backgrounds. Personal discipline is needed in colleges more than anywhere else, as endless activities often come at the expense of sleep, prayer, and other critical habits.

Step into The Arena with your campus Bible Study, and Men's or Women's group and build a culture of character on campus that is rare, inspiring, and desperately needed.

Select from critical actions that are core to a life of discipline

Actions include:


Sleep 7 Hours




Plan Day
Go Over Day


Up to 20 fully
customizable actions
specific to your group

or push your limits and track all actions


What's At Stake?

In progress, please check back later.

Out of Chains

In progress, please check back later.

Everything's Different

In progress, please check back later.

If it were easy, everyone would do it

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Theodore Roosevelt